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President & Chief Strategy Officer


Amy’s superpower is creating connections with empathy and expertise. Her approach to sales is all about listening to the perspective of the client, perhaps because she was once the client herself. Amy is a Senior Marketing Executive with 15+ years of experience leading partnerships and integrated marketing campaigns within the entertainment, travel, healthcare and financial industries. She spent 10 years at American Airlines in a variety of strategic marketing roles for the AAdvantage®,, Strategic Alliances and Integrated Marketing teams. As Director of Global Strategic Sponsorships & Promotions, she led American’s Media & Entertainment marketing strategy, including targeted awards season partnerships.

It was during her time at American Airlines that Amy first worked with Jonathon, who was at The Hollywood Reporter at the time. They hit it off professionally, discovering they had similar work styles rooted in relationships. They remained friends, and when they both left their respective companies, they joined forces at AUBRY & CO. as complementary forces, with Jonathon coming from the sales side, and Amy from the client side. In Amy’s words, “this lends a very unique point of view for working with our agency.”

Amy is passionate about giving back. She led American Airlines’ diversity partnership strategy with advocacy organizations such as the Human Rights Campaign, Lambda Legal, United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and UNCF. She has volunteered with a foster shelter and is involved with Girls Inc. She also donates to organizations connected to Black Lives Matter and to the LGBTQ community, so that everyone in her life knows how important inclusion is to her. Of all the projects she’s taken on at AUBRY & CO., those she’s proudest of speak to her values of diversity and inclusion, like her work for The Hollywood Reporter’s Women in Entertainment and Billboard’s Women in Music programs.

Amy values family and friends above all else. She lives in Texas with her husband and rescue dog, Beignet. Living in Texas gives Amy another unique lens on understanding a client’s needs. As she explains, “Living in Texas is an advantage when you’re talking about brands who have goals and initiatives outside of entertainment. So many brands we reach out to, the entertainment piece is a part of their target, but they have other things on their plate too.” Amy speaks passionately about the access AUBRY & CO. brings to the table. “Through our collective relationships, we’re able to provide introductions you wouldn’t necessarily have otherwise.” Among the many organizations Amy has built relationships with throughout her career are The Hollywood Reporter and Billboard, The James Beard Foundation, Universal Music Group, 21st Century Fox, The Hollywood Bowl, The Ellen Show, American Film Institute, Film Independent, American Black Film Festival, The Elton John Aids Foundation, Dallas Cowboys, Dallas Mavericks, Dallas Stars and Miami Heat.​

Amy sees AUBRY & CO.’s superpower as its unique bilingual understanding of both sides of every transaction, in addition to the relationship-based value system of the agency. In her words, “Trust and authenticity are words that often come up to describe our team.” She’s excited to keep using the agency’s unique skill set to help brands tell their stories in innovative and disruptive ways using content, virtual reality, social platforms, experiential activations and traditional media. 

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