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Creative Advisor


Dawn Camner’s superpower is thinking differently. Her background in fine art – from drawing to painting to printmaking - keeps her from being inhibited by graphic design rules, and she’s brought her adventurous spirit to clients as diverse as Us Weekly, The Knot, People, and The Smithsonian. Since going fully independent, Dawn has broadened from editorial and books to branding, marketing, environmental design, and event branding and collateral. She has brought her bold and innovative skill set to The Hollywood Reporter, L’Oreal Luxe, Billboard, Ducati and Amazon, among others.

Dawn came to AUBRY & CO. after previously working with Jonathon on a project for The Hollywood Reporter, Billboard, and Pret-a-Reporter. From there, she came to work both for AUBRY & CO. and with AUBRY & CO. “I did the brand identity redesign for AUBRY & CO.,” she explains. “I helped them craft their messaging by structuring their brand’s visual touchpoints in a way that speaks clearly and purposefully to their potential clients. And I do the same for their clients.”

Dawn is passionate about strategy and innovative design. She speaks highly of the open and collaborative culture at AUBRY & CO. “I’ll bring crazy ideas to them, and they’re always open to it,” she says. Of working with Jonathon, she says, “He’s a great connector. I know from my experience that he puts people together the same way he put me together with these other businesses.” In her work serving the agency’s clients, she wants to be “as innovative as possible, as distinctive as possible, as bold as possible, and as strategic as possible. I’m all about being unique and helping my clients stand out in their marketplace.”

Dawn cherishes her husband, her sisters, and animals. She is passionate about giving back, offering discounted and pro-bono services to non-profits like Awakening Recovery and the Humane Animal Rescue of Pittsburgh. She also proudly serves on the advisory board of the Los Angeles based non-profit consulting firm, The Olympia Collective.

For Dawn, AUBRY & CO.’s superpower is the agency’s connection and relationships. From key executives with Fortune 500 companies, to small startups and non-profits, AUBRY & CO. is able to identify and cultivate great business relationships.” she says. “And there’s no ego at AUBRY & CO. It’s very collaborative and trust-oriented.”

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