Our approach is our difference

We put people first. Our process is human, personal, intimate and understands the power of people first in the process of negotiation. This requires these key ingredients:


We’ve developed a process that values these principles and layers them with our unique “bilingual” partnership POV. Our team has experience at both sides of the negotiating table including client and agency, brand and partner, investor and start-up, and funder and non-profit. We reach across key industries of influence to help drive meaningful, long-term and profitable partnerships for you.


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We see problems as opportunities to find multiple paths to revenue. Let our process find yours and take you there.

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Our work begins by understanding yours. In this first phase, we will spend time doing a thoughtful audit of your brand or business and understanding your organizational ecosystem in order to uncover potential inefficiencies or blind spots, leverage existing assets, resources and infrastructure, and identify goals and
paths to revenue. 

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We create a tailored roadmap of best practices to grow and optimize your business model. Key recommendations will include strategies, tactics and processes to bolster revenue streams, maximize partnerships, reimagine sales and fundraising materials, and build upon or reimagine strategic communications in order to realize/maximize your brand’s potential.   

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Our final phase is the most gratifying because it’s where we begin to pay for ourselves and the fun begins! Going to market with our first two phases realized will enable us to transform your brand and business through new business, audience and partner development and monetization.

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