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Founder & CEO

Jonathon’s superpower is his ability to get things done, make things happen, and drive revenue. That superpower has been evident in his 20+ year career as a marketing, entertainment and fundraising leader with invaluable experience in business development, fundraising, marketing and brand partnerships. His proven track record includes driving over $160M in revenue across the non-profit, film, media, music and television sectors. He has helped build and launch leading brands and businesses and held senior positions in marketing, sales, fundraising and business development in the non-profit and for-profit sectors.  

Jonathon started his own strategic advisory agency, AUBRY & CO. out of twin desires to have the flexibility to raise a family, and the opportunity to spread his wings as an entrepreneur. In his words, the creation of the agency “was driven by the desire for flexibility and ownership, and the desire to fully monetize my collective experience across the media, entertainment and tech industries.” Jonathon leads the agency with an emphasis on relationships and partnerships, helping businesses and organizations in the fields of fundraising, marketing, partnerships and brand strategy. AUBRY & CO.’s current clients include The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, The Hollywood Reporter, Delta Air Lines, The Actors Fund, ChargeNet, Sony Music Latin and Water’s End Productions.  

Jonathon assembled the AUBRY & CO. team with an emphasis on both expertise and personal relationships. Bringing on a team of colleagues has allowed Jonathon to grow AUBRY & CO. without losing its core values of trust and authenticity. Jonathon’s belief in the synergy of personal relationships extends to his clients as well. He’s proud of the clients who have come to the agency from past work, like Delta Airlines, who Jonathon started working with during his time at The Hollywood Reporter. He’s equally proud of creating new opportunities for clients. One example is a partnership the agency put together for Jennifer Lopez and Sony Music Latin with Tiffany and Co., which led to future deals between them. But there’s no better example of the power of relationships than Jonathon’s long relationship with The Hollywood Reporter and Billboard, where Jonathon served as Vice President, Brand Partnerships. He helped re-launch The Hollywood Reporter and Billboard brands and was responsible for the development and execution of advertising sales and business development strategies with luxury and consumer brand partners across THR and BB’s digital, branded content, mobile, social, print and experiential platforms. He describes signing his former employer as an AUBRY & CO. client as “a moment of triumph and pride.”

Jonathon is passionate about philanthropy. He has served on the Board of OUTFEST and Awakening Recovery (also a pro-bono client of AUBRY & CO.) in Los Angeles, CA where he chairs the Board Development Committee. He supports various non-profit organizations including amfAR, Motion Picture Television Fund, StartOut, The Point Foundation, The Trevor Project, Project A.L.S. and Human Rights Campaign Fund. He leads his agency with values of empathy and inclusion. He’s proud of clients who are innovating how to be a responsible citizen, from Delta’s leadership on creating efficiency in the travel industry, to ChargeNet’s forward-thinking innovations in socially responsible transportation, to X-Prize’s citizen-driven approach to solving world problems, to one of AUBRY & CO.’s first clients Beautycon, who diversified our understanding of beauty.

AUBRY & CO.’s clients have always spoken to Jonathon’s passions. One example is his love of travel. A native of Toledo, Ohio, Jonathon received his BA from Macalester College. He explains that “coming from a small town in Ohio, I always dreamt of traveling the world. I lived abroad at a very young age in the Dominican Republic, and became nearly fluent in Spanish. At a very young age, my curiosity for other cultures was cemented.” This passion has made Delta Airlines an ideal client for the agency.

But perhaps no passion is better represented in the agency’s roster than Jonathon’s eternal love of film and the entertainment industry. Jonathon took that passion with him as he started his career in fundraising and entertainment as Director of Development at OUTFEST in Los Angeles where he oversaw individual, corporate and foundational giving and helped increase the YOY organizational revenue by 40%. He then served as VP, Marketing and Distribution for Regent Releasing, where he oversaw theatrical and home entertainment marketing and publicity for all of Regent Releasing’s independent theatrical releases. During Jonathon’s tenure, Regent released over 35 films and garnered its first Oscar nomination and win for Best Foreign Language film for DEPARTURES. Jonathon’s love of film has reached its pinnacle in AUBRY & CO.’s work with The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. “My introduction to The Academy was running a campaign for the Oscar-winning movie Departures. Now I get to work with the Academy to build a historic museum from the ground up.” At the Academy, Jonathon is a senior member of the Advancement team working closely with the Director and President and the Board of Trustees on building and implementing its annual fundraising strategy. In addition to overall strategy, he oversees Corporate Partnerships for the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures while helping the Academy grow and evolve their revenue and brand partnership strategy. 

Jonathon cherishes family and friends, from his husband and two children to his extended family. He has built his personal value for relationships into the ethos of the agency. In his words, “I think of AUBRY & CO. as its own family. A family of professionals, a family of experts.”

Now that he’s built the family that is his agency, he wants  “to teach people how to have better relationships and learn how to monetize those relationships for the better.” 

Jonathon sees AUBRY & CO.’s superpower as the agency’s ability to be trusted builders and connectors for its clients, in addition to the bilingual empathy for both buyers and sellers that the team brings through its deep bench of experience working on both sides. In Jonathon’s words, “I think empathy is very much needed in our world. The world, and business, would be better with more empathy for the other side, and that’s something AUBRY & CO. is leading with.”

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