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Katie Garland’s superpower is being hyper-organized. In her words, “I love creating Excel spreadsheets. I’m Monica from Friends.” This quality has served her well since relocating to Los Angeles ten years ago. Katie has worked in a variety of different industries including fitness, events, hospitality, new media ventures, and various facets of the film & television industry. This has given Katie a wide array of skills that can be applied to client relationships in various fields.


Katie came to AUBRY & CO. through President Amy Kestel, and felt immediately at home at the agency. She explains that “growing up in the South, I was raised to see a glass ceiling. And now I see gay men and women at the top and it feels empowering and inspiring. What I feel at AUBRY & CO. is a welcoming community.”


Katie’s mission at AUBRY & CO. is to help every client and brand with their narrative. Her love of narrative began early. She graduated from Florida State University Cum Laude with a degree in Communication Studies.  She then continued to explore narrative in her work as a writer, director, producer and actor – you can look for Katie in Taken 3 with Liam Neeson. Katie values being a part of the AUBRY & CO. team because “Jonathon is interested in how we feel about our brands. He’s interested in the storytelling and narrative of it.”


Katie leads with her heart. She values family above all else, from “the family I was born into to the community I created.” She loves working with people, and helping people and animals, as evidenced by her volunteer work at animal shelters. Among the many projects she’s taken on at AUBRY & CO., her favorites speak to her passion for creating a better world. As an actor herself, she loves working with The Actors Fund, and has been inspired by the creativity the organization has displayed during the pandemic. She also values the work the agency has done with ChargeNet, which is innovating in the clean energy space. In her words, “ChargeNet is creating charging systems in a convenient way, partnering with fast food restaurants and retail, and making it easy for people to charge an electric vehicle. That’s the kind of brand I’m excited to work with: good for the world and helping humanity.”


Katie sees strategy mixed with storytelling as AUBRY & CO.’s superpower. “We’re a one-stop shop,” she explains. “You don’t have to compartmentalize the work across different agencies. You can go to one company.”

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