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Head of Marketing & Content Strategy

Robbie Imes’ superpower is finding the heart of a narrative, and sharing it in a way that is relatable while staying true to the voice of a brand. As an editorial strategist, award-winning content producer, and marketing strategist with over 12 years of proven success, he’s driven innovative, first-to-market content campaigns for global clients in all categories, and has helped world-class brands redefine their narrative positioning. 


Robbie came to AUBRY & CO. after a collaboration with Jonathon at Here Media. He explains that “the queer advertising space at that time was niche. It was hard to get big advertisers to participate. We were coming up with all kinds of innovative campaigns because we had to.” In addition to the innovative nature of the work itself, Robbie built a sense of trust with Jonathon. “We bonded in meaningful ways, and knew that under pressure, we could shine together. It’s a testament to who we are as people that we chose to come back to each other. We know we can trust each other.” Robbie cherishes friendship, family, and art in every form. Among the many projects Robbie has taken on at AUBRY & CO., one of the most meaningful for him was working on the independent film The Artist’s Wife because it spoke to his love of art.


Robbie’s magic comes in getting the work done: from pulling team members together to getting the client’s approval to avoiding bottlenecks. His work ethic has served him well in an impressive career in which he has served as Director of Content Development at Hearst Media for the Town & Country and T&C Travel brands – the latter he helped relaunch in 2014. While there, he also created and led the social media and video strategies, and helped reinvigorate and reinvent the 170 year old title for a millennial and multi-generational audience. He also served as Director of Content at Here Media, where, over his seven years, they earned two Emmy Award nominations for his documentary work, as well as several other digital and on-air programming awards. 

He currently works with AT&T Entertainment Group, where he is in charge of editorial content operations and strategy. Some of his clients over the years have also included Adweek, Nielson, Hulu, Warner Bros., Men’s Health, Miramax Films, Zoetrope Films, Out, The Advocate, New York Daily News, 429 Magazine, and many more.


Robbie sees AUBRY & CO.’s superpower as the agency’s fearlessness and trust. In his words, “The familiarity we have with each other allows us to think more clearly and to chip away at innovative ideas. All ideas are worthy here.”

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